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Convergence Beheer (CONV), Netherlands


Convergence (CONV) is a young spin-off company from the Membrane Technology Group of the University of Twente, whose reputation in the field has grown beyond the European borders. CONV has started commercializing expertise from the Membrane Technology Group and is specialized in building complete plug & play lab installations and small pilots for fluids and gases. CONV also offers the service of building and commercializing test installation of membranes, do small-scale tests to improve full-scale plant behaviour, test and predict fouling and scaling behaviour. The installations are tailored towards membranes, and the company has a high level of expertise in the field of membranes.


– Products available for bench scale membrane evaluation

– Custom solutions for building test rigs for membranes/fluids

– Automating and building components for (academic) research

– Designing, drawing and building test installations

Commercial available products:

CONV produces the OSMO Inspector for membrane testing of micro-, ultra-, nano- and RO membranes. Both flat cell or hollow fibre can be supported. It can perform in dead-end as well as in crossflow filtration and allows fully automated experimentation (filtration, backwash, chemical cleanings). The OSMO Inspector is a fluid system for characterizing membranes that is fully automated.


LbLBRANE receives funding from the European Comission within the 7th Framework Programme under Grant Agreement no. 281047

LbLBRANE project ended on January 31, 2015

Posted: 17.03.2015 at 10:52

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