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Liqtech International (LIQ), Danemark


Liqtech International (LIQ) is a technology-based company, with activities based on development, production and marketing of Silicon Carbide (SiC) membranes and catalytic coating on SiC. The LIQ technology is based on membranes made of porous α-SiC for industrial processes focusing on micro- and ultra-filtration. These membranes are manufactured with SiC-powder, with various particle sizes.


LIQ has extensive experience in fouling problems and on how these problems can be overcome. From both internal (projects and research) and external (for customers or projects in collaboration with partners) filtration tests LIQ are faced with bio fouling as a major influence on membrane performance. Areas most affected by bio fouling are within ballast water, surface water, wastewater, and pre-treatment of water for desalination plants. Today LIQ membranes are used for ultra- and microfiltration and hereby not used for directly for drinking water, but only used as a part for particle filtration in drinking water filtration systems. The methods for regenerating the membranes in connection with bio fouling relates to chemical cleaning, back flushing and backpulse hammer, – a new method based on using pressurized air to remove the filter cake formed. Therefore this project could be a new better method for preventing bio fouling and/or regenerating the membrane from bio fouling.


LbLBRANE receives funding from the European Comission within the 7th Framework Programme under Grant Agreement no. 281047

LbLBRANE project ended on January 31, 2015

Posted: 17.03.2015 at 10:52

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