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Rood Wit Blauw Water Services (RWB), Netherlands


Rood Wit Blauw Water Services B.V. (RWB) offers  a wide range of services in water treatment. A team of about 70 talented water professionals work together with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders on sustainable water usage by focusing on effective water treatment equipment. We take pride in projects where innovative technology can be combined with the overhaul of outdated installations.

RWB’s engineers have considerable experience in the design, engineering, realization and operation of both customized systems and standard installations, used for potable or process water treatment, and also for waste water treatment, water re-use and recycling. This includes for example ion-exchange, coagulation and membrane filtration such as micro-, ultra-, nano-filtration and reversed osmosis.

Although we are fully equipped to deliver turn-key water treatment plants, we prefer working in cooperation to ensure the most effective operation. As a flexible and reliable partner, our services are not focused on the delivery of a plant, but on the delivery of solutions. Advice on the optimization and operation of your water treatment system is part of our maintenance engineering.


Our expertise is based on theoretical knowledge and operational experience with design, engineering, realization and operation of various water treatment systems. We know how to get ideas into practice. In the LbLBRANE project, we deliver expertise on the following topics:

1. Membrane filtration:

We have developed several applications for the use of the METAWATER ceramic membrane filtration modules. Especially our hands-on approach in hybrid processes created opportunities for the use of ceramic membranes in for instance digestate treatment and back wash water reuse. To improve the performance of spiral wound membranes we teamed up in the COTOO project of Vitens, together with WE Consult and Twente University and jointly developed a new membrane cleaning technology.

2. Equipment:

Standardization is very important for the production of sustainable products. As a Culligan licensee, we can rely on the support of a global leader in water treatment for the development of custom-engineered, modular solutions. As partner in Ceramac Services, RWB has made a contribution to a considerable reduction in the investment costs, which will enhance a breakthrough in the market share of ceramic membrane application.

LbLBRANE receives funding from the European Comission within the 7th Framework Programme under Grant Agreement no. 281047

LbLBRANE project ended on January 31, 2015

Posted: 17.03.2015 at 10:52

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